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Genre: Novel Science Fiction & Adventure

Subject: Practical Espirituality



Anami, a half-human and half-animal Gonu being, invites us to live within her mind for a day. A day in which a series of happenings make her reflect on love and have a peculiar dream where Vassi, an elderly human, recounts the story of another Gonu Anami and her repudiated twin sister, Mani, who will be kidnapped.


In order to rescue her sister, Anami is subjected to different tests throughout the book that will eventually lead her to higher physical and mental levels and, undergoing a metamorphosis. This book grows, as Anami grows.


With her questions, answers and attitudes towards the different situations she faces, Anami shows us wise and refreshing ways of dealing with daily life problems, such as relationships and other existential questions that we might face, always finding solutions from a spiritual and practical consciousness. You can imagine how much I have enjoyed writing this novel, now it is your turn!



Maite Ikaran SouvilleTranslated by:

Maite Ikaran Souville

World & Self explorer